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Hello and

Welcome to the Rock 'n Roll Jungle

We are a collective of designers, promoters and producers onto live music.

For the past two decades we established a name on the scene, promoting exciting new music, working on a variety of venues, from the smallest club to the biggest stadiums. We live and breathe music!

As someone wise said: every crisis brings a new world of opportunities.

In the awake of 2020, with the pandemic crisis caused by Covid-19 that stopped the world on its axis, we found ourselves in a dormant state, and decided to focus on projects we wanted to, but never had the time to.

And so, our project to create new exciting content came to life; out of the dark into the light.

We are so deeply connected to music scene that our first installment had to be nothing less than a homage to those who rock. Literally! You are invited to dive into our collection inspired by iconic characters who keep our world rocking and rolling.

We branded it METALOMICS.

Rock n' Roll icons



Unique rockstars on the collection


Different traits


1 on 1's designs within the collection


Cups of coffee... more or less. We stopped counting at some point.

What are you waiting to enter the stage?

Mint your Metalomics now!

Our Team

The logical mind, the master of coffee and bilingue at computer language. Our left hemisphere.
The entrepreneur, the creativity and logical connection. Our corpus callosum.
The pencil and inking artist, who made Metalomics come alive with his unique drawing style.